It is the second time a Clipsal 13A British-type electric socket with on/off switch at my home has become defective – the on/off switch cannot be toggled anymore. Last time I thought it was a mechanical failure, and replaced the socket. I could not believe the exact same failure occurred within 12 months again. This time I toke a closer look – there is a small plastic behind the switch, in addition to the main plastic behind Live / Neutral / Earth. The small plastic has melted – and it is rated as 10A (!!!), although the main plastic is rated as 13A. So this is really a 13A socket but it will melt beyond 10A.

I sought professional advice about this, and the the reply is: Clipsal should be thrown away. Should use MK Electric from the last decade. Then I was given a Clipsal and an MK Electric to compare. The MK Electric really weighs far more heavier than the Clipsal. I thought the Clipsal I used was expensive stuff, since it costed 3x the price of same products from mainland China brands. I was wrong.