In preparation of watching the upcoming John Carter (2012), I toke the trouble to find and watch the direct-to-DVD Princess of Mars (2009), as both are based on the same 1912 novel.  This low-budget movie was shot in 12 days only!

As a sci-fi movie, it contains some special effects which range from acceptable (1 or 2 scenes) to really bad (most of the scenes), and cannot be compared to the special effects in good TV shows like Primeval.  I don’t care about the bad acting in such a low budget movie as long as it has a good story.  Unfortunately, its screenplay is poor and many important things are not explained.  There are a few combat sequences, but none of them are exciting.  Pacing is bad too.  It has the ugliest princess I’ve seen in a movie, who is a former porn star at the age of 41.  Summary: boring crap.