The TV trailer of John Carter (2012) that I saw looks like a clone of Star Wars.  Pre-release press for the movie is no good, predicting it to be a flop like Waterworld (1995) (flawed but I like it).  However, since it’s directed by Andrew Stanton who did Wall-E (which I consider to be the best US CG movie so far) I was anxious to watch this movie.

An early review claimed that there is less action in this movie than it should have.  This is very true, despite what the trailer shows.  The action sequences are well done, but they are short compared to any Star Wars prequels.  The story is solid, and it is well presented – this movie is a good space drama.  Even though there are not enough actions, from time to time there are little things in the movie that make it interesting.  One of those things is the dog.  Previously when I saw the poster, I think that monster dog is awful.  However, after watching the movie, I love it.

I’m extremely pleased that this movie does not end in a cliffhanger style like the 1912 novel “A Princess of Mars” it is based on.  Instead it chose an ending that simultaneously makes it complete and leaves open the possibilities of sequels (as in the novels.)

Not long ago I reviewed Princess of Mars (2009) direct-to-video based on the same novel, in the hope of comparing it with John Carter (2012).  This turns out to be unnecessary.  One is absolute trash.  The other is very good.

Executive summary: Good space drama.  Very entertaining.  Having more actions would be even better.