[For the “best budget home WiFi router”, this article is obsolete.  For a 2014 update, see my review of TOTOLINK A2004NS.]

Last update: 2012-5-17

In the past I had believed TP-Link 941/1043 (very popular in the place where I live) would be the cheapest & a reasonable home router for <100Mbps broadband. I don’t believe that anymore due to experiences at work: unstable WiFi regardless of stock, DD-WRT, or OpenWRT firmware.

Recently I have installed the even cheaper Asus RT-N12 Hardware Version B1 with Tomato RT-N firmware for someone, got 90+ Mbps WAN-to-LAN throughput and 35+ days uptime, i.e. never crashed or needed to be rebooted since installation. So Asus RT-N12 B1 would now be my recommended budget home WiFi router for <=100Mbps broadband. Those who need a more power router or have a 100+ Mbps broadband should look at Asus RT-N66U or Cisco E4200.

RT-N12 C1 shares the exact same hardware as RT-N12 B1, but with a prettier “Biamond Diamond” appearance.

2013 Update: It has now been replaced by RT-N12 D1 and RT-N12 HP, the latter comes with 9dbi antennas.  They also add a signal amplifier.