I used to have a pair of Creative GigaWorks T40 (original) speakers.  I chose it because of its small footprint, and I didn’t want to have a subwoofer.  There haven’t been many computer 2.0 speakers (i.e. powered stereo speakers without subwoofer) that provided good sound in a small footprint.  These were fine, but I wouldn’t recommend others to buy it unless they needed small footprint speakers like I did.

Today I gave the speakers to my family, so I needed a replacement.  I briefly considered Altec Lansing FX3022, which is supposed to be discontinued and cheaper than Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II in some parts of the world but not where I live.  So I bought the Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II speakers.

From another review I learned that the Series II speakers are supposed to be better than the original version.  Since they looked almost the same as the original, I thought that audio improvements, if any, would be slight.  However, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the improvements are bigger than I thought.  The original version had really weak bass, but the Series II is much better in this respect – the bass level is now good enough to present ordinary music, and it really eliminated the need of subwoofer for me. (Note: I’m not the kind of guy who seeks heart pounding bass.  Those who seek a strong bass must use a subwoofer.)  Doing an A/B comparison between the two versions, I found that the original version sounds relatively hollow, and the Series II is definitely better.

Is it a good idea to sell the original version to upgrade to Series II?  Probably not, even though the improvements are obvious.

Is it the best sounding 2.0 speaker at this price?  No, because I’m sure there are other choices that sound better in the same price range by using larger drivers.  However, if you limit the choices to small footprint speakers, which limit the driver size, you don’t really have many options.

Would I recommend these Series II speakers even if footprint is not a concern?  Yes, I can recommend them regardless of footprint as I think they are very likely to be above average (but this does not mean it has the best sound in the same price range).

Update: The series II has a minor issue that was less serious in the original.  If I cut the power to the Series II, it makes a loud sound.