Wrath of the Titans (theatrical release 2012-3-30) seem to get pretty bad reviews.  The way I see it, the movie is full of action and special effect sequences with a little plot to hold them together.  Individually these sequences work well, are interesting and/or exciting to watch.  I’m also impressed with the design of the labyrinth, although it does not make too much sense in the plot.

The plot is simple but not too comprehensible – I can never understand why immortal gods can die, or how the immortal (former) wife of the protagonist, being resurrected at the end of Clash of the Titans (2010), can die before this movie.  The rules are just not clear, unlike Highlander (1986).  The motives of the villains, especially Cronus, are also not clear to me.

I like action, fast pacing, monsters, and good effects, so I consider this movie to be entertaining, but it needs a better screenplay.