From what I understand, 武装神姫 (Busou Shinki) Moon Angel (Blu-ray release 2012-3-15) is an original video animation (OVA) based on a line of figures (toys) and video games.  I think that this video is somewhat like Pokemon but with the monsters replaced by Busou Shinki – armament god princesses who are 15-cm tall cute girl robots equipped with awesome armor and weapons, call their owners “master” and obey them.  This sounds like the perfect dream for boys, but the unoriginal plot in this video cannot be taken seriously.  I think the relationship among the busou shinki and the villain is not explained adequately.  Anyway, the important things with this video are excellent visuals and battles, not plot.  The design is so awesome so I toke the trouble to find an image of it – a first for my blog: