Battleship (Hong Kong Theatrical release 2012-4-11) is yet another alien invasion movie.  Since many reviews of it are pretty negative, I expected the worst of it.  The first act is quite long but fortunately it is not boring.  Then we have non-stop battles till the end – it is better than it sounds because the battles show a progression of tactics and are not too repetitive.  There are some flaws that I can find, e.g. the protagonist joins the navy then in the next scene he’s already a senior officer.  However, I can ignore these flaws because I find this movie to be very entertaining, although it does not reach the level of Transformers series.  There is a higher level of political correctness in this movie than usual: the soldiers include different races, people with disability, and the elderly.  Comparing to recent alien invasion movies, I like this movie more than Battle: Los Angeles (2011) and Skyline (2010).

Note: There is an extra ending scene after the credits.