Caution: Do not use Samsung mobile phone, especially Galaxy S3, when it’s charging.

Reason: The charging IC inside a Samsung mobile phone is easily killed by current overload if you’re using it and charging it at the same time.  (Note: This reason has nothing to do with what says.)

Symptom: If the aforementioned IC is dead, usually one of the following two symptoms will appear:

  1. Cannot power on the mobile phone
  2. Cannot charge it

How to repair: Replace the defective IC by Samsung.  A trained staff needs about 15-20 minutes to perform this repair, and it’s fairly easy for them from what I’ve heard.  The real problem is that if this IC is out of stock (when demand outstrips supply), it takes time to order this part – could be 1 month for a certain region.

This piece of information comes from a repair staff for Samsung mobile phone.