I have been prepared to be disappointed by Silent Hill: Revelations (2012), the sequel to Silent Hill (2006).  However, unlike most other reviewers, I don’t think it is a really bad adaptation from the video game Silent Hill 3 (original version: PS2 / Windows; bad HD version: PS3 / Xbox 360).

As a horror movie, it is perhaps only average, not really scary, and too much backstory is explained by only a few lines of dialogue.  However, as a video game movie, I think it is beautiful to look at and is reasonably faithful to the spirit and atmosphere of the games.  (There are certainly many plot and character changes, but they are simply unavoidable.)  It tries to correct a flaw in the 2006 movie – which removed the evil god part of the story from the first Silent Hill game – by reintroducing it in this movie.  This intention is good, but it makes the movie somewhat contradictory to the predecessor.  Unfortunately, the climax is very dull, with no threat at all, and fails to make use of this exciting evil god story as the video games do.  In addition, I think there is not enough variety of the monsters.

As this movie is shot in 3D instead of being fake 3D by post-conversion, I think its 3D effect is good.  Note: after the credits there is an extra scene, but it is not worth the wait.