There is no doubt that the original Final Fantasy III (FF3) was a great game.  It was remade in 3D for Nintendo DS in 2006.  The DS version is then ported to iPhone / iPad, then finally to Android.  Although its graphics are not comparable to some smartphone games that feature advanced graphics, it still looks very cute.  The smartphone ports actually have improved graphics over the DS version, so even in 720p resolution it looks good enough.

I played through the whole FF3 for Android on a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean 4.1.2.  For its relatively simple graphics, the game is slightly choppy in some areas, but this is not serious enough to be a flaw.  If there is one thing that can be considered to be a flaw in the smartphone versions, it’s the controls.  I got used to the virtual joystick, but it really makes some delicate moves a little difficult.  Another common complaint is its price – Compared to general smartphone games, it is much more expensive.  It is, however, comparable to the DS game price.

The original “Mognet” side-quests in the DS version requires having WiFi interaction with other human players.  The smartphone versions removed this requirement, making it less troublesome to do the side-quests.  For the improved graphics and the changed Mognet side quests, I’d consider the smartphone versions to be the best incarnation of Final Fantasy III.

There are plenty of walkthroughs and FAQs for the DS.  Most of them are applicable to the smartphone ports – I followed the ArkFullofSorrow walkthrough and completed the main game in 35 hours.  However, since the Mognet side quests are changed and there is not a single and comprehensive reference on this subject, I decided to put together what I’ve found.  Hopefully people playing Final Fantasy III (FF3) on Android / iPhone / iPad will find my article useful.

FF3 Mognet Side Quests FAQ for Android / iPhone / iPad

Whereas the DS version Mognet side quests require players to send messages to other human players and non-player characters (NPC), the smartphone versions differ in that they only require you to receive messages from NPC.

It seems obvious enough that you can visit Mognet to receive messages.  There is something very important that is non-obvious: when you set the first person in the formation to a different character, your party receives messages from different NPC!  So, the formation not only decides whether each character is in front or back row (affecting their attack and defense capabilities), it also needs to be changed many times to receive all requires messages from NPC.  In the Android version, I found that there are two ways to change the lead character.  In Formation:

  1. Click one character, then click another character to swap their positions
  2. Or, press and hold one character, then drag it to a new position

Quest I: Save the Children (to get Onion Knight)

This quest can be done after defeating Salamander in Molten Cave.

  1. Switch to Luneth to receive 4 mails from Topapa, the last of which is “The Children are in Trouble!”
  2. Go to Ur to talk to Topapa (in the house containing a recovery spring).  He will tell you the children could be at Altar Cave.  (This step is definitely required for the Android port, but is probably not essential for other ports as many FAQ does not mention it.)
  3. Go into Altar Cave (north of Ur), i.e. the place where the game started in.  Travel down the stairs and head west to watch a cutscene showing 4 children surrounded by Bomb monsters.
  4. Defeat the Bomb monsters, the children will give you a shard of Wind Crystal, which will allow you to change into Onion Knight job.

Quest II: Fix Sara’s Pendant

(The following sections on Quests II-IV are adapted from arthurn’s answer in gamefaqs.)

For the following quests you need to be close to the end of the game, after opening the Eureka Gateway.

  1. Switch to Ingus to receive 4 letters from Sara.  The last of which is “Help!” about a broken pendant.
  2. Switch to Refia to receive letters from Takka, her father. You will see a total of 5 letters, one of which is about the legendary smith who can fix anything.
  3. Go to Castle Sasune to talk to Sara at the East Tower.  She will give you the pendant.
  4. Go to Kazus to talk to Takka. He will tell you he can’t fix it and you need to find the legendary smith.
  5. Go to Northwestern Saronia to find the Legendary Smith.  She is the one with white hair, on the east side of town.  She fixes the pendant, and tells you she is looking for Orichalcum, the rare metal.  She offers to give you the end product if you give her some Orichalcum.
  6. Return the pendant to Sara at Castle Sasune.  (This is optional – it is not required for the following quests)

Quest III: Find Orichalcum (to get Ultima Weapon)

This quest can be done after you get the pendant fixed in the previous quest, and unlocked Eureka (credit: Zenthious) and defeated 1000 enemies (credit: Sean Whalen)

  1. Switch to Luneth to receive 4 letters from Cid, the last of which is “Something in the Basement…” about a monster in his basement.
  2. Go to Cid’s house in Canaan, which is on the northwest corner of town. Go down the stairs on the left of the house to the basement, kill the monster and get some unknown metal as a drop.
  3. Talk to Cid and he’ll identify it as Orichalcum.
  4. Go to Falgabard.  The Legendary Smith is east of the Weapon Shop.  Talk to her and she will give you the Ultima Weapon.

Quest IV: Get Job Master Items

For each job that you master (reached job level 99), you can go to the Legendary Smith again to get a mastery card and a special item for that job.  She randomly appears in one of these places:

  • Healing Copse (north of Tozus)
  • Gysahl (inside Chocobo’s stable)
  • Ur Village (inside the well)
  • Castle Sasune (East Tower, 3rd floor)
  • Dwarven Hollows (near the entrance to the Subterranean Lake)
  • Replito (inside the house at the north part of town)
  • Doga’s Village (near the tree in the middle)
  • Saronia Castle (Basement, 2nd level)
  • Ancient Ruins (inside the Inn)
  • Village of the Ancients (inside the Inn)

A convenient way to find her, according to Penguin_knight, is to use an airship to travel across two close towns that she frequents, until you found her.  One pair of places would be the first two places in the above list.

(Note: an easy way to increase the job level (without increasing character level) is to fight some weak monsters and perform Guard for several rounds.  Each battle allows increase of one level of job level only.)

Quest V: Find the ??? Secret Dungeon (to defeat the Iron Giant)

It is not entirely clear exactly what are all the requirements for this quest, but here’s a summary combining various answers on the Internet:

  • Although I don’t see anyone citing defeating Cloud of Darkness as a requirement – it makes sense to defeat it first (i.e. complete the main game) because it can be done below level 60, far lower than the level necessary for the Iron Giant.
  • Defeat all secret bosses, including Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut, Shinobi, 4 monsters in treasure chests in Sunken Cave, etc.
  • Obtained Onion Knight and Ultima Weapon (i.e. complete the above quests)
  • Obtained at least one Job Master item (i.e. you need to have at least one character at job level 99)
  • Opened 80% or more treasure chests (check in Invincible)
  • Obtained 80% or more bestiary (check in Invincible)


  1. Switch to Arc and receive 4 letters from Alus, the last one being “Saronian Legend”.
  2. Switch to Luneth and receive 4 letters from The 4 Old Men, the last one being “True Heroes”.  (If you only get 3 letters instead of 4 from either Alus or The 4 Old Men, it means there are some requirements you have not fulfilled.)
  3. Switch to the Nautilus airship (the one that can dive).
  4. Fly near the floating continent but don’t enter it.  Fly a little bit south only, such that the floating continent should still appear on your screen.  Then fly east until you see a shadow in the sea.  Dive into the sea and enter the coral reef, which leads to the ??? Secret Dungeon.

The ??? Secret Dungeon is really small.  At the northern end of it you can find the Iron Giant superboss.  In the really short path leading to it you’ll have random encounters with Yellow, Green or Red Dragon.

The Definitive Guide to Beating Iron Giant at Low Level

There are plenty of people saying you need to be at level 90+ to beat Iron Giant – this seems to require an awfully long time to level up the party.  Fortunately that’s not true, and at such a high level it might no longer be a challenge.  Thanks to various YouTube videos showing how to do it at low levels, here’s the guide to doing it properly at level 69+ only.

What you need:

  • Apollo Harp x 1: Lowers physical and magical damage – buy it from the secret shop in Eureka. (I’ve found this effect description to be true, even though many FAQs state it to be increasing attack instead.)
  • Lamia Harp x 1: Reduces enemy HP by a percentage – there is one from the Temple of Time, or you can simply buy one.  Although it is pretty worthless against normal monsters, it is hugely useful (9999 damage) against very tough bosses.
  • Turtle shell x 4: Casts Protect – there are two hidden in Replito, one in Lake Dohr, and one in Bahamut’s Lair.  If you need more, steal them from Sunken Cave with a Job Level 99 Thief.  (See below if you do not have any turtle shell.)
  • Shuriken x 10+: Strongest attack item (9999 damage) to be thrown by Ninja – Use all your remaining gil to buy them from the hidden shop in Eureka.
  • Curaga x 1: For healing – buy it from Doga’s Village or Northeastern Saronia.
  • Curaja x 1: For healing – buy it from Doga’s Village, Doga’s Manor or Invincible.  (Note: I don’t find it necessary to use Arise using this strategy with sufficient HP, but it makes sense to have Arise equipped.)
  • Crystal Helm / Mail / Gloves / Shield: Get them from Ancient’s Maze and Crystal Tower.  You should have Crystal Shield x 2.


  • The key to beating the Iron Giant is to lower his damage done to the party
  • Put the whole party in the back row
  • Make use of Apollo Harp and Turtle Shells (instead of casting Protect because the Devout needs to be healing the party)
  • Make use of Viking Provoke with the strongest defense


  • Viking: Equip the whole set of Crystal gear, with double shields.  HP should preferably be 5000+.  Perform Provoke every single time.  The higher the job level the better – at Job Level 99 the Viking’s Provoke should not miss.
  • Bard: in round 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. sing with Apollo Harp to lower the damage to be done to the party – this is effective for 2 rounds.  So in round 2, 4,6, 8, 10, etc. sing with Lamia Harp to damage the Iron Giant.  I didn’t find this necessary, but it is possible to do something other than singing with Lamia Harp, say for additional healing with Dream Harp or use an item, etc.
  • Ninja: in round 1-4, use Turtle Shell on each of your party member, beginning with the Viking.  Starting from round 5, throw Shuriken to the Iron Giant.
  • Devout: cast Curaga/Curaja on the whole party every time.  When the battle is half done, cast only Curaja to compensate for the Swipe attacks by the Iron Giant.
  • It is possible to do this without Turtle Shell if you have more HP: in round 1, Devout should cast Protect on Viking, and use Ninja or Bard to heal the Viking after round 1, because otherwise it is probably too late for the Devout to do the healing.