Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary about individuals making indie video games that are small scale but creative and fun.  In particular, it focuses on the development of two games known as Super Meat Boy and Fez, and briefly examines the success of Braid.  In this video we see the developers putting years of their life, making many sacrifices and facing immense level of stress in order to make the games.

Owing to my profession I’m particularly interested in documentaries about software and computers.  However, I’m not sure whether mainstream audience will find the first half of the documentary about the game design choices and philosophy interesting.  I like that the documentary has a climax when it feels that everything is going to fall apart.  There is one thing that I feel is really important to the narrative but completely missing – a legal threat from a former partner is presented as a key risk to one of the games, but it never clearly explains why and how that happened.