As the 4th and final movie in the Bayside Shakedown franchise (not counting the 2 spin-off movies), Bayside Shakedown: The Final (Blu-ray release 2013-6-6) is really about the police officers facing bureaucracy rather than doing any normal detective work, in a fictional Japanese setting.  Perhaps the bureaucracy issues are the essence of the original TV series which I’ve not watched, I just don’t get it, even though I’ve watched the three previous movies before.  Early in the movie, that the highest ranking police decides not to arrest the killer and lets him continue to make more damage, does not make sense to me.  In the climax, why we only have a certain individual doing something, while everyone else sit in a room, does not make sense to me.  The manner in which the good guys are saved from a dangerous condition does not make sense to me, either.