Pacific Rim is the closest thing to my dream of having a realistic disaster movie that takes place in Hong Kong.  Although the in-town shots do not really look like where I live, I’m satisfied.  The story of this monster movie is actually better than I expected.  In fact it is far better than most of the Japanese Godzilla movies I’ve watched.  As a fan of the Evangelion animation, I’m pleased to see Evangelion concepts realized in this life action movie as well.

My only problem with this movie is that the Jaegar robots design look really dull, the exact opposite of how cool the Transformers (2007) look.  If we compare it with Japanese animation mecha designs, I think it is really hard to find one with worse design, perhaps with the exception of Turn A Gundam.  The cockpit is uninteresting.  Even the first set of the pilot suits look awful, but the final ones look good.

Note: during the credits there is an extra scene.