Thongsuk 13 / Long Weekend (Blu-ray release 2013-8-8) is a Thai horror movie about a group of students who went to a deserted island for vacation.  They played a prank in the site of sacrificial ritual for the Devouring Ghost Festival, with disastrous consequences.  I think the setup of the movie has potential, and the flashback to the old ritual is well done.  There are no scares in the middle part of the movie – all are left to the last part, creating a weakness in pacing.  Various means of scares are employed, so at least this aspect is better than some horror movies which only show one type of scare.  However, I find that the overuse of the sound-oriented scare to be really annoying.  Whatever potential it had is wasted due to the use of deus ex machina and that some parts of the climax do not make sense.  I’m surprised by a twist ending that reminds me of a certain Nicolas Cage movie – I’m not pleased with this treatment, but perhaps some viewers may like it.