Impressed by The Concubine, I watched the lead actress’ previous movie – The Servant (Blu-ray release 2010-11-19).  This period drama subverts a beautiful Korean folklore to become something really different, involving a love triangle among the servant, his noble master, and the daughter of a female owner of a pleasure house, with some scheming to attain more power or social status.  It seems that the general opinion of this movie is positive, but some problems make me feel that it is merely above average with some flaws.  I think the movie could benefit from a clearer presentation of the motives of some characters.  The climax is especially problematic.  It is unclear how one of the characters has the authority to do what he did, and the twist is not totally convincing to me.  The ending tries to elicit empathy from the audience, although it works for some people, I find it strange.