Lesson of The Evil (Blu-ray release 2013-5-30) is a Japanese slasher movie based on a novel – A handsome and respected high school teacher turns out to be a psychotic killer.  He murders ‘monster parent’, other teachers, and of course, students.  I’m not usually interested in slasher movies but I find this idea intriguing.  The movie toke a long time to set things up and introduce some characters, so some may feel that part to be boring.  I like the fact that the first few victims got killed with reasons, instead of being random people getting killed.  The final act takes a different tone and involves many killings just for fun.  Since I haven’t watched too many slasher movies, this really long final act is beyond anything I’ve watched.  Reviews of this movie tend to be mixed, but I think it has a special quality, and could benefit from some cuts.