My Awkward Sexual Adventure is a Canadian sex comedy that involves sexual massage, cross dressing, and even SM.  However, at its core it is a love triangle involving an accountant, the girlfriend who dumped him, and a stripper.  This concept sounds much less outrageous than a billionaire falling in love with a prostitute in Pretty Woman (1990), however, this movie manages to be much less believable, because the relationship part of the story is not well developed since relatively little screen time is alloted to it.  Most of the screen time is spent on setting up the sex-related jokes.  Judging from other reviewers’ comments the jokes work on some people but not on others.  For me, the jokes tend to be not funny.  To make things worse, a lot of screen time is spent on the subplot involving the accountant’s friend, but this subplot does not contribute anything funny or worthwhile to the movie.

My PS Partner (Blu-ray release 2013-4-12) is a Korean romantic comedy that begins as a woman dialed a wrong number (using her new phone) to an unknown guy, whom she believed to be her boy friend, told the guy not to speak, then had phone sex.  (Do not confuse this PS with that in P.S. I Love You (2007).)  This event develops into a love rectangle.  Compared to My Awkward Sexual Adventure, the relationship aspects are very well developed here.  The jokes are served as side dish here only, but most of them work.  It exceeds my expectations to become a very successful romantic comedy.


Although the two movies are very different and have different emphasis, at least one thing can be directly compared.  Both movies feature a wedding scene.  In My Awkward Sexual Adventure, its scene basically involves someone badmouthing another person while everyone sits silently.  How funny can that be?  In My PS Partner, someone sings a song about panties.  Then some important things are revealed, and we see different kinds of reactions from multiple characters.  It’s clear which one is boring, and which one is not.