Bunny Drop (Blu-ray release 2012-2-2) is a live-action movie adaptation of a manga, which also got an anime adaptation.  I’ve not watched the manga or the anime, so I’m reviewing this as a standalone movie.  The protagonist, who is single, discovers that his grandfather, who just died, has an illegitimate 6-year old daughter.  None of the relatives are willing to take care of the child, so the protagonist brings her home and takes care of her.

The movie focuses on the social and working pressure of parenthood, and the sacrifices involved.  Most scenes about the pseudo-father/daughter relationship are nicely done, making it heart-warming.  However, with some flaws, this movie is just average.  Early in the movie it spends significant time to show that the protagonist dreams about a fashion model he sees in magazines.  By coincidence he meets her, who turns out to be a single mother.  Then their romantic relationship is not developed further until the very end.  The climax is also problematic.  Other than setting up the final tear jerking moments it is not interesting and does not achieve anything else.

The best part of this movie is the performance of the talented child actress Mana Ashida, who also gives a really great performance in Pacific Rim (2013).