Searching for movies of Mana Ashida led me to Hankyu Railways – A 15-Minute Miracle (Blu-ray release 2011-10-28), although the child actress only has a minor supporting role here.  Adapted from a Japanese novel, this movie shows several intersecting short stories which take place in the northern section of the Hankyu Imazu line, which takes only 15 minutes for a train ride.  All short stories involve someone experiencing a problem in life, then got advices from a stranger on the train.  The first story, also the best part of the movie, involves a woman who lost her fiance to a coworker, who got pregnant with his child.  Her idea of revenge is to dress up beautifully in white and show up in the wedding ceremony, such that the ex-fiance can remember her.

Although every character has a story, the stories are uneven, with some being too short and lacking drama.  So I cannot say this is a very good movie by my standard.  However, it is heart-warming and pleasant to watch.