The Conjuring (2013) is yet another haunted house movie “based on a true story”.  However, this one is better than the others because it does not make the common annoying mistake of having one or more of the protagonists disbelieving spiritual stuff or their children for a significant amount of screen time.  The investigators, and their methods of trying to obtain evidences, along with a little background of them, make this movie more believable and realistic than the others.  The use of different types of scares, although nothing extraordinary for a horror movie, is also effective.  It also explains why the people do not leave the haunted house, which a lot of horror movies fail to do.

I like the fact that the real people depicted in this movie come out to stand by this movie.  So I can believe this movie has a possibly higher proportion of truth than the other “based on a true story” movies, in which only the places and some people are real but most parts of the stories are fictitious.