Le Magasin des Suicides (2012) is an animated movie adaptation of a French black comedy novel.  This animated feature is visually very different from the bright and colorful American productions, or the adorable Japanese anime.  This movie is dark.  Everyone in the city is depressed.  The protagonists are owners of a shop that sells tools for people to commit suicide in private, because public suicide is unlawful and affects one’s family.  Then the unthinkable happens – they give birth to a son who laughs a lot and has a really positive attitude towards life.

This movie reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – both contain a lot of songs.  The 1993 masterpiece has a very interesting plot and is actually joyful despite its visually dark appearance.  However, I think the concept of this movie has potential, but it is not as interesting as it could be, because its plot is actually quite thin.  [MINOR SPOILER] The movie has a scene in which the son brings friends to watch his sister dancing without clothes on.  Although I understand what this means in the context of a city in which everyone and everything is dull, it is not my idea of a comedy, but then I’m not French.