Mr. Go (大明猩) is a Korean/Chinese co-production of a gorilla and the 15-year old girl who grew up with it in China and acts as its manager, joining a baseball team in Korea.  I think this concept has a great potential, but the movie is much less good than I expect it to be.  For a large part of the movie, all the Koreans who do baseball management act like bad guys, and all the Chinese (including the manager, even though I love to see her) act like fools.  I cannot understand why the manager do not know that accompanying the gorilla to a baseball competition is far more important than watching a video, letting things go badly.  I also cannot understand the politics among the Koreans, or the motives of each one, even though they spend so much screen time arguing.  I cannot believe the Korean coach do nothing in the whole movie.  In addition, I’m annoyed by the manager switching back and forth between Mandarin and Korean in a single conversation.