Platinum Data / Platina Data (Blu-ray release 2013-9-27) is a movie adaptation of a detective novel about the use of an incredibly advanced system in the future Tokyo to identify criminals.  It shows the suspect’s face and many physical and personality characteristics simply by analyzing the DNA.  A murder occurred, the system creator used the system to find the killer, who is shown to be himself.  So he ran and the police pursued him.

Naturally there are mysteries involved.  However, a very large part of the movie simply has the protagonist running away from the police without actually moving the plot forward.  If not running, the movie goes back to examine the past and the split personality of the protagonist, which unfortunately is not particularly interesting for the screen time.  This causes the pacing to be too slow.  Then in the end, two secrets are revealed.  One of which makes sense.  The other does not, since it comes out of nowhere, even if the bad guy reveals this intention there is absolutely no way in the movie to see how this is achievable via the system.  These flaws make the movie average, despite the interesting premise.