The two-part movie Jan Dara: The Beginning (2012) and The Finale (2013) adapt an erotic Thai novel.  The protagonist Jan Dara grew up in a rich family but his (step)father always beats him since his mother died when giving birth to him.  The father has absolute power in the family and has sex with every woman in the family, including the aunt of Jan Dara, then gave birth to his stepsister who is taught to hate him.

The Beginning (2012) has a lot of sex scenes.  However, it is rare for a movie with this many sex scenes to be so not titillating, even with the inclusion of a Japanese AV actress in it.  Regardless of those scenes, it is a dull movie.  The pacing is too slow, with too much unnecessary dialogue.  Its climax is not too impactful but it is acceptable.

The Finale (2013), strangely, has much less sex scenes.  It also introduced a worthless framing story showing the young actors in a failed old-age makeup that really does not work.  The young actors cannot portray their middle age life convincingly, and the bad makeup does not help.  It has some revenge elements but the story still feels very dull.  The stepsister puts on a laughable moustache.  The climax is so sudden it does not even build up any tension for it.  If The Beginning is average, The Finale is below average.

Whereas the 2012/2013 (uncut) version tells the story using 4 hours and 40 minutes, there was a 2001 version featuring Christy Chung that tells the same story using 1 hour and 53 minutes only.  The sets in the 2001 version do not look as good as those in the newer version, and there is no Blu-ray version of it yet.  Other than these the 2001 version is much superior in every way.  The pacing is right, although there are a few minor characters that need to be cut, which turn out to be actually a very good thing for a movie adaptation.  There are less sex scenes, but they have more impact.  This version also smartly tells the events in a way that all the surprises are left to the climax.