Lovelace (Blu-ray release 2013-11-5) is a dramatized biography of Linda Lovelace who became really famous in Deep Throat (1972).  Unfortunately it is quite flawed.

In order to present the conflicting reports of the real person, the first half of the movie presents everything positively, while the second half goes back in time and retell the story of the protagonist getting abused and forced into prostitution by her husband.  If this were a documentary, objectively presenting the conflicting reports would be a good thing to do.  However, as a dramatized biography it does not work.  It screws up the sequence of events and makes the incomplete biography even more fragmented.

Worse, it contradicts itself – early in the movie, it was hinted that Lovelace has no idea what type of movie she’s participating in, but this is not the case in the second half of the movie.

People interested in this subject should watch Inside Deep Throat (2005).