I think the subject of dying with dignity is really important, but it has not been explored much in fictional movies.  A Terminal Trust / Tsui no Shintaku (Blu-ray release 2013-4-19), an adaptation of a Japanese novel, tells the story of a female doctor befriending a long time patient.  Faced with financial pressures and not wanting to burden his family any more, the patient asks the doctor to end his life when the doctor determines his conditions to be not worthy of continuing his life – this is what the terminal trust refers to in the title.

I think this really slow paced movie presents the case of supporting dying with dignity well enough.  However, the opposite viewpoint is explored only via a very lengthy discussion between the doctor and a prosecutor.  I believe this is not the ideal way to present ideas in a motion picture.  To make things worse, the prosecutor uses cunning techniques to force the doctor to admit to murdering the patient.  Although the director has the right to express his dissatisfaction about the Japanese prosecution system (as he did before), this treatment harms the balance of the movie.