Ender’s Game is the adaptation of a sci-fi novel about a child going to military school and learn to command battles against alien bugs.  This movie rises above the common (hollow) action sci-fi movies by having meanings, although many other sci-fi action movies do have grander and more exciting action sequences.  Although I’ve not read the book, the movie seems quite faithful to the synopsis I’ve read about major events of the book.

Some people are not satisfied with the character of Ender in the movie not being dark enough, but for me, it is sufficient and I do not believe the movie version of the character necessarily weakens the movie.  The only major flaw I see in the movie is that it does not adequately explain why they need children to command the battles, when there are still experienced commanders alive.  As for the impact of the ending, it does feel a little distant indeed, but it in its current form it is not too bad.