Nillkin is a manufacturer from China.  Here’s the official product photo:

Originally I wanted to buy Ringke Slim or Spigen.  However, they are more expensive from where I live, and some Ringke Slim users reported in Amazon that they scratched their phones because it fits too tightly.

This is what I found with my Nillkin Frosted Shield:

  • Fit enough for me
  • Makes the Nexus 5 thicker than I thought
  • The bottom part is imperfect (see my last photo) but I believe this is a defect for my particular unit only
  • Does not scratch the Nexus 5 when installing or removing it
  • Even though it is matte I don’t feel it improves the grip, in fact it makes it worse for me
  • The case pushes my 0.15mm Glass-M protector so one of the corner has a little bubble.  I imagine if someone installs the case first, then installs the Glass-M perfectly positioned the bubbles may be avoided, since the 0.15mm Glass-M is actually smaller than the Nexus 5 screen.
  • The case comes with a Nillkin plastic protector.  I do not use it, but many taobao reviews say the case will push its own protector up.  I imagine this will happen with any plastic protector that fits the Nexus 5 screen size perfectly.

Drop test:
– I accidentally dropped my Nexus 5 soon after installing it (not on purpose )
– The corner of the case hits the wooden floor first.  My Nexus 5 and the already-cracked Glass M (due to installation mistake) is not harmed further.  (But this does not necessarily prove the case really helped, since I dropped my Galaxy Nexus at least 5 or 6 times before without any protection )

Photos by Nexus 5: