Since Nymphomaniac is positively reviewed by most people, I can only say that I fail to recognize the brilliance of it.  In this 4-hour cut (rather than the original 5.5-hour cut) of the story about a woman telling her sexual addiction from childhood to adult, Volume I is too fragmented for me.  I can understand some of its digressions individually, but it’s not obvious to me why all those digressions (e.g. Fibonacci numbers) are significant for sex.  I care about plot more than anything else, so I find Volume II to be slightly better, with more plot continuity and less digressions.  At the end it makes a good point that women are treated unfairly as compared to men with respect to fulfilling their desires, but I’m not sure this is worth 4 hours of screen time to elaborate.

Note: these movies contain close-up shots of male and female sexual organs (perhaps more times than necessary), explicit sex scenes (using stunt doubles and prosthetics), as well as SM violence.