Girl in the Sunny Place / Hidamari no Kanojo (Blu-ray release 2014-4-16) is a romantic drama adapted from a Japanese novel.  A boy saves a cat, then he meets a girl transferred to his school.  They liked each other but the boy soon moved to another location.  Years later they meet again, and fall in love.  However, beneath their happiness, the girl has an extraordinary secret.

This is a sweet movie.  It is a perfect setup for a tearjerker at the end but fortunately the tearjerking moment is rather restrained.  It also exhibits a notable lack of background music in dramatic scenes.  Owing to its fantasy element I find it to be more memorable than some other Japanese romantic dramas which I tend to forget immediately.  Although I don’t think it is an exceptional movie it is certainly an enjoyable one.  Although I like the ending (which is easy to guess), the presence of an important item in the ending scene seems to contradict the fantasy rules it set up earlier.  If any reader can tell me exactly how the novel ends it’s much appreciated.

Note: the Hong Kong translation of the title is actually a spoiler.