Like Father, Like Son (Blu-ray release 2014-4-23) is a Japanese drama about two families who are informed that their 6-year old boys are switched from birth.  As one may expect, a movie on this subject raises the issue of whether blood or love defines a family, examines the reactions of the adults, and shows children’s suffering when they are forced to live with strangers.

Although it is generally praised, there are certain elements in the movie that I find to be distracting from the focus of the aforementioned issues.  The first thing I don’t like is the cause of the switch.  While switches of this type in the real world are almost always accidents, this movie gives it an incidental cause and a non-consequential subplot that I find to be too unrealistic.  The movie also spends a non-trivial amount of screen time on the protagonist’s job – other than to illustrate the fact that the protagonist care about his job more than his family, it merely gives the protagonist a really unreasonable idea that is not followed through enough in the movie, and is at the same time too unrealistic for me.