It All Began When I Met You (Blu-ray release 2014-5-2) follows the same structure as Love Actually (2003), i.e. containing several separate “love” stories.  I thought this Japanese movie would be a romantic comedy, but it’s not.  One of the stories involving a dying train-driving father is obviously tragic.  Two other stories, involving an elderly woman who is still single and owns a cake shop, and a girl who never met her parents before, have “good” endings but they are actually tragic from my perspective.  As for the only two stories that be classified as romantic ones, one involves a jerk, and the other involves a cold and uncaring man who does not show any kind of love towards his long-distance girlfriend.

The fact that all these happen in Christmas only makes it worse for me.  I feel cheated by its charming poster.  I’m sure there are viewers who feel moved by this movie, but I’m not one of them.