No, this is not about the Disney reissue of Tarzan (1999).  Tarzan 3D (2013) is an English-speaking animation from Germany.  Although I find it to be fairly entertaining, the movie has several flaws.  The sometimes creepy-looking humans are a far cry from what we used to get from Pixar, and there is a lack of facial expressions.  The movie spends too much time on gorillas instead of focusing on the main plot.

The fatal flaw, however, is the introduction of the meteor into the story.  In this version of Tarzan, a meteor with mystic powers is present on Earth since the age of dinosaurs, but never discovered by humanity before even with modern technology.  The meteor can protect itself by activating volcanic eruptions or causing the earth to crack.  Strangely the animals feel obligated to protect it, but the reason is not stated.  The movie establishes that humans trying to exploit the meteor’s powers are evil, but never explained why that is evil.  Yet at the same time, someone getting a piece of meteor is presented as a good event in the movie.  So it seems making full use of the meteor is evil, but getting a small piece of it is good?