Gatchaman (2013) (Blu-ray release 2014-6-13) is a live-action adaptation of the classic anime, which is known as Battle of the Planets in the US.  Basically, it’s about a team of 5 “science ninjas” fighting bad guys.  Although I was not exactly a fan of the anime, it was entertaining enough that I looked forward to this live action version.  Unfortunately it ruined my childhood memory of the classic.

Although I was not particularly impressed by the suits that cost USD200,000 to make, they look ok.  The opening battle actually looks better and is more interesting than the climactic battle.  The fatal problem of this movie is the screenplay.  It tries to have a serious tone but there are multiple points in the movie that just are not reasonable.  Yet this is merely a minor problem compared to the central flaw: the movie is focused on melodrama nonsense, instead of showing teamwork to fight the bad guys.  This is what makes it a spectacular failure.