Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji (Blu-ray release 2014-6-4) is the live action adaptation of a popular manga and anime.  In this story, a young heiress sold her soul to the devil in order to avenge her parents.  The devil becomes her butler and helps her investigate murders, until she dies of natural death or commits suicide, then he gets her soul.  The live action movie toke some basic ideas from the manga then creates a mostly new story with a new setting, and even changes the protagonist from a boy to a young woman.

I was so not impressed by the appearance of the cast in the poster I almost skipped this movie.  However, I’m pleased that I watched it eventually.  The translation of the superhuman combat scenes from the anime to live action is done better than I thought.  Even with so much changes, there are enough interesting elements retained here, so even if this is not a faithful adaptation, it is still an entertaining movie.  The movie leaves things open for a sequel.