Delete 愛人(Delete My Love) (Blu-ray release 2014-7-31) is a Hong Kong comedy with a unique idea: the protagonist receives a mysterious phone message that grants him the miraculous ability to replace someone else (instead of actually “delete”) in life by a different person.  When he is fired by his bad boss, he wishes to have a good and nice boss, and his wish becomes a reality – a completely different person shows up.  Then he uses this ability to replace his family members, his best friend, and even his girl friend (as stated in the title, so this is not a spoiler).  Although this is not a really great comedy, but in view of the many disappointing Hong Kong comedies that I could remember, this one is slightly better than those.  At least we have no fart jokes here, the idea is uncommon, and does not try to present a simplistic and impossible solution to society problems.