Brynhildr In The Darkness (Blu-ray release starting from 2014-7-30) is a 13-episode anime adaptation of a manga.  A young boy feels he is responsible for the death of a girl.  He grows up and sees a transfer student who looks exactly like her.  That student saved his life, and turned out to be a magical girl running away from an evil government lab.

The anime starts very well, offering great visuals, pretty girls, and shocking deaths.  Since the magical girls need the very limited pills in order to survive, and their remaining lives are often counted in days or even hours, this element adds depth to the story and drives it forward.  The ending feels rushed with certain things unexplained, that’s because the anime cut too much from the manga – the manga has a longer and more exciting ending.

As an Evangelion fan, I noticed that near the end of the series, certain plot elements seem lifted right out of Neon Genesis Evangelion.