Deep Red Love / Seki Seki Ren Ren (Blu-ray release 2014-7-23) is a Japanese fantasy movie about suicide.  There are not that many movies about deaths, but most of them are really good, such as Tsunagu (2012), What Dreams May Come (1998), Christmas in August (1998).  Deep Red Love, however, is disappointing.

In this movie, a schoolgirl commits suicide, but her spirit is still stuck in this world.  No one sees or hears her.  She wanders around, and occasionally sees flying monsters influencing people to commit suicide.  Although this may be the point of the movie, she does or achieves nothing throughout the movie.  The flying monsters sound like an interesting element that can spice up this movie, but strangely they are underutilized to the point that they can be eliminated without changing the story.  The pacing is also slow.

Although I cannot call this a good movie, its depiction of what happens after suicide is actually nearly consistent with the real world – according to someone who is born with the ability to see dead people, those who committed suicide are trapped in this world, until the times originally designated for their lives are up.