Genome Hazard Aru Tensai Kagakusha no Itsukakan (Blu-ray release 2014-7-2) is a Japanese-Korean sci-fi thriller.  The protagonist comes home to find his wife dead, soon finding the corpse disappeared, and caught by bad guys who claim they’re cops.  His wife’s parents’ home has a different family name from his wife, and the residents there do not know her.  He switches from being left-handed to right-handed, and suddenly gains chemical knowledge he should not know.

Although there is a strange editing choice that makes the climax unnecessarily confusing, and the action only consists of running away from bad guys, I love the plot, and I believe the idea is quite original.  Although there have been other movies about memory changes, this one extends the impact from the protagonist to people who lived with him, and their involvement makes the plot more interesting and complex.