I watched AM 11:00 (DVD release 2014-4-18) because I love time travel movies.  In this Korean movie, a scientist travels to 1 day in the future and sees that his lab is destroyed by fire and explosions, and his team is dead.  A mysterious guy tries to kill him, but he successfully copies the CCTV files and escapes back to his original time.

This setup has a lot of potential, but it is wasted.  This is the stupidest time travel movie I’ve ever watched.  Armed with precise CCTV with exact times in the future (but unreasonably without the location information), many characters have the chances to change the future, but they repeatedly choose to lead themselves into demise.  In fact, right from the start, given a choice to evacuate the lab when it’s still safe, or stay and take the risk of dying, they choose the latter.  How stupid is that?  As for the identity of the mysterious guy, I guessed it during the middle of the movie.