I was asked to fix a Lenovo G470 Internet Explorer (IE) crash with igdpmd64.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

A quick google reveals that this problem is related to KB2670838 which causes problems for notebook computers with hybrid video cards and old video drivers.  Some people said uninstalling this patch helps.  However, the computer is running IE11, so I believe uninstalling that patch is not an option I should try.

From Intel web site, I installed the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers dated April 2014.  This went well.

Then from Lenovo web site I installed the latest AMD Video Driver for G470 dated May 2013.  I expect this to complete the fix, but upon this installation IE crashed immediately upon startup, this time for different files such as atikmpag.sys

So I removed the bad AMD display drivers, and installed the latest AMD Mobility Radeon Driver dated April 2014 from AMD web site.  Note: I unchecked most of the optional stuff like transcoding during driver installation.

I also updated the Adobe Flash player.  IE seems to work fine now.