Although I love Sci-Fi movies, the low-budget ones I’ve watched tend to be not entertaining, even if some of them have good ideas.  I’m pleased that The Signal (2014) (Blu-ray release 2014-9-23) is much better, and the limited amount of CG looks very good to me.  Three friends, taunted by an unknown hacker, decide to find and meet him.  They come to an empty house with server racks, then something bad and strange occurs.

The beginning and the ending sections of the movie are well done and are entertaining, but the middle section with the protagonists inside the medical facility dragged somewhat.  I think the final twists are very interesting, but they raise questions that are not answered in the movie.  In addition, by the end we still don’t know what will happen to two of the three friends.  If a sequel materializes, I must watch it.