The movie What’s Going On With My Sister? / Recently, My Sister is Unusual (Blu-ray release 2014-10-2) is a live-action adaptation of a manga.  The basic story remains the same: a school girl meets a ghost, who loves the stepbrother of her.  So the ghost sometimes possesses her to make sexual advances to him.  The ghost also makes her wear a chastity belt, which contains a gauge to be filled up by her feelings, in order for the ghost to reach the door to heaven.

I think the manga merely depicts the relationship between the shy girl and her stepbrother, with the ghost being naughty to give the manga a certain amount of ecchi.  This is probably not enough to make an exciting movie, so I expect the movie to add more plot and to reveal the mysteries not yet answered in the manga.  To my surprise, the movie takes a different approach to splice it up.  Branded as an erotic love comedy, the Director’s Cut (about 11 minutes longer than the R15+ rated theatrical version) of this movie upgrades the sexual scenes to a level comparable to a soft porn.  This movie is still somewhat interesting, but I feel that the innocence from the manga and anime is gone after being translated to the screen.

Since the manga is nowhere near the ending, the movie adds its own ending, which I don’t think is logically consistent with its own premise, and minimizes the importances of the chastity belt & gauge and the door to heaven in the plot, since the manga hints at bigger mysteries.