Hashima Island is famous for inspiring the villain’s lair in 007 movie Skyfall (2012).  It’s surprising that it toke this long for someone to film a horror movie in this creepy deserted island.  The Thai movie Project Hashima (Blu-ray release 2014-10-9) tells the story of a team being hired to go there to make a video documentary.

Unfortunately the movie is only average.  I believe its frequency of scare is well below Thai horror movie average.  In spite of the title, there is only a limited amount of screen time for this island.  Worse yet, the island is not put to good use in the screenplay.  Only a few scares occur in the island.  The only real scare is a natural disaster instead of a haunting.  The background of the ghost is generic and location-independent, instead of being inspired from the history of this island.  I hope that some day someone else can make a better use of this ideal location to make a better horror movie.