Dreamcatcher (2003) (Blu-ray release 2014-9-16) was a flop, and negatively received by most critics, to the point that it wounded the director’s career.  Based on a novel by Stephen King, this movie mixes the subjects of telepathy and alien monsters.  A group of friends were given the ability of telepathy, and used it to combat alien invasion.

There are numerous flaws in this movie, the most important one being that as a monster movie it spent far too much time in the setup, the flashbacks for the friendship, and how they gained and used telepathy in their lives – perhaps it retained too much from the 800+ page book.  It affected the coherence and damaged the pacing.  There is little tension to be found, and the action scenes lacked excitement.  Some scenes do not work and further lowered the believability of the story.  The movie ending is also changed, thereby upsetting fans of the book.  It even wasted Morgan Freeman’s presence.  (Some people also disliked the fact that the monsters come out of people’s anus, and the farting in the movie, but these come from the book.  Combining this with the issue of the proportion of the drama vs horror, perhaps the biggest mistake made by the filmmakers is that they picked the wrong novel to adapt.)

Even with these flaws, I do not consider this movie to be excessively bad.  I actually find the use of telepathy to combat aliens a little interesting, since this is uncommon in movies.  I also watched too many worthless clones of Alien movie, so I know this one is at the very least better than those.