McDull is possibly the most successful anime character created in Hong Kong.  Although not all of its movies suit my taste, they have always been admirable combinations of kid-friendliness, humor, and themes that reflect adulthood issues and society issues.

麥兜.我和我媽媽 (McDull: Me & My Mum) (Blu-ray release 2014-12-19) has a grown-up McDull, being a detective, reflecting back on his memories of his mother.  As with previous movies, it shows a distinctly Hong Kong culture and changes of society.  Most importantly, it illustrates a mother’s love via a really unique way, which is related to lottery.  Although not the funniest one in the movie series, this installment is the most focused.  With its signature adulthood sadness, adults will likely appreciate this movie more than kids do.  Even if I have only watched very few, if any, movies that primarily talks about a mother’s love, I believe this movie is one of the best movies on this subject.