Rurouni Kenshin (Blu-ray release 2012-12-26), Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (Blu-ray release 2014-12-17), and Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (Blu-ray release 2015-1-21) are adapted from a manga.  An assassin, after completing the last job for the new Japanese government, regrets that he has killed too many people.  So he vows not to kill again by using a reverse blade.

The first movie deals with an illegal opium-making organization.  It is almost perfect – it is rare for a live action adaptation of a manga to do all these things right: introduce the characters properly, have a rich and complete story, have unique features that make the protagonist extraordinary – his past and the use of reverse blade, have action scenes at suitable intervals, have a suitable level of romance, and have a climactic ending.  It may be slightly long though.

Another assassin, previously betrayed by the government, arises from the dead and decides to take over Japan in the two sequels.  Although generally positively reviewed, these sequels are flawed.  These need to be watched back to back as the second movie ends on a cliffhanger.  This plot is not rich enough to be stretched to 4.5 hours.  The second movie has too few action scenes during all the set up, and the climax is distinctly less exciting.  Yet the third movie has near 40 minutes of non-stop action at the end, so the balance of plot vs action is off in these sequels.  The best thing with the third movie is that the action is significantly improved, but there is something that I find to be not so reasonable to the point that it may be a plot hole.