If Blackhat (Blu-ray release 2015-5-12) is considered a major movie, then it is the stupidest major movie I’ve watched in a long time.  I have no problem accepting there is a nuclear plant in Chai Wan, Hong Kong just as I have no problem accepting there have been transformers there.

I’m not saying the movie is stupid because it shows an NSA director receives an e-mail telling him to change password, then he downloads the attached .pdf and opens it for no reason.  I’m also not saying it’s stupid because the hero finds a dozen of equipment that looks exactly the same in a server rack, decides to retrieve the hard drive from a particular one of them, and the hard drive happens to be totally accessible after surviving a nuclear meltdown and fire.

It is stupid because the actions sequences are too few and far too bad for this long movie.  I don’t understand why when there is a chance for the good guys to shoot the bad guys in the back, the good guys decide to go in front and be killed.  I can only count three good aspects of this movie: 1. presence of Chris Hemsworth, whom my wife says is really handsome.  2. Tang Wei.  3. Some of the typed commands are actually correct, e.g. “mount -t ntfs …”