Dinosaur Island (Blu-ray release 2015-4-1) has a dumb screenplay filled with annoying and boring dialogue.  While on a flight a boy is teleported magically to the dinosaur island and has worthless adventures with a girl who lived there for years.

This movie says that the notion that a T-Rex cannot see well [in Jurassic Park (1993)] is ridiculous.  However, it has a far more ridiculous creation of a bird that can perfectly reproduce any sound, from human dialogue, to scary roars of dinosaurs, or even pure frequencies.  In one scene the clothes of the protagonists became dirty due to multiple accidents and incidents while running inside a forest.  In the next scene they wear the same clothes but are perfectly clean.  To summarize it is a mess – it is comparable to the worst kind of TV movie.  The only good things about it are: some of the sceneries are beautiful, and the CG is better than TV movies.